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    Biro and ink heart

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  5. Anonymous said: Tu ainda mora na Suécia? E por que tu fostes morar lá?

    Não, to morando em sp. Porque meu pai foi trabalhar lá e ai fui junto mas acabei ficando por mais tempo por la

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    ph. Nicolas Coulomb

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    Vegan Curry - As Requested!

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  9. Anonymous said: where in sweden did you live?

    In Uppsala

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    Double denim


  12. henryanddi said: Me too!

    Oh now I’m confused haha you like ABBA too or?

  13. Kate Bogucharskaia photographed by Alexandre Tabaste

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  14. Anonymous said: I didn't meant to piss you off.

    what? I’m not angry haha you didn’t piss me off


  15. Anonymous said: I know you don't like to talk about music but what is your favorite song by ABBA?

    That’s such a tough question haha they’ve got hundreds of songs. I always listen to “ABBA gold greatest hits”. I don’t really have a favorite one. Depending on my mood I rather listen to x song