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  3. Anonymous said: marilinda, onde você compra leites vegetais aqui em sp? paga muito caro?

    Em qualquer super mercado geralmente tem.. o que eu gosto de comprar custa entre 20,00 - 25,00 que tem menos que 1% de sodio e sem gordura

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  5. shortcuttothestars:

    Styling Buffalo’s by shortcuttothestars 

    I’d keep it simple with 90’s elements like a choker to set the vibe :) Maxi skirts look great with platforms!

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    second tattoo

    this is so perfect

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  7. Close up of the Spiral #braids I created in #Grimes new video “Go” !
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  11. breakplans said: Do you eat cooked foods at all anymore? Also, do you drink alcohol/smoke/still drink coffee? I've been wanting to try raw vegan but I don't know if I could give up my occasional drink or morning coffee!

    I do, but only in the evening. I haven’t reached the perfect standards yet! hehe So yeah, I don’t drink alcohol as much as I used to but mainly duo to my training routine, I am trying to quit smoking and I still have my morning coffee, but I drink only once per day and not even everyday, so that’s a big step. My advice is to not really think about giving up your drinks and coffee at all, try to drink less coffee than you are used to and try to not drink as often/as much. Take easy with yourself. When you realize you will be almost stimulants free! :)

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