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    Vegan Milkshake - As Requested!


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    Vlada being angel

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  7. Anonymous said: do you smoke pot?

    sometimes, i’m not very into it

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    Who is she

    Natalia Vodianova

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  11. Anonymous said: you're such a beautiful creature and you're much better now. I just love your pictures, keep posting them! xx :)

    thanksss bb! xxx


  12. Is it just me or it is impossible to have one perfect day? Today has been so positive and than I was gonna make my banana smoothie for lunch and my blender went broken??? gosh, now I’m sort of eating my smoothie instead, it turned out all chunky. There is always something to let me down, I don’t get it

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    Sphenodiscus lenticularis, Fox Hills Formation, South Dakota
    Late Cretaceous (~ 70 mya) 
    This specimen displays the extraordinarily intricate suture patterns that are characteristic of this species. Also evident is part of the beautifully iridescent nacreous layer. A laterally flattened ammonite, this animal is thought to have been a relatively fast swimmer. 


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  14. Morning folks. I’m about to leave for my therapist session, and I don’t know why but I always get way too anxious before leaving home to the point that I am not walking there as I had planned, I’m gonna catch the subway instead which is not good, but well, I’ll get there faster.

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    Dolce & Gabbana S/S 2014

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